Our Culture

Our Commitment to Inclusion


At recruiterboom| rb Digital we are constantly sourcing, collaborating, and working across various industries and diverse people. With our growing industry experience and collaboration we are striving to ensure an inclusive company culture to enhance the way we source and recruit top-tier talent. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is pivotal to any company’s overall wellness, success, and strategy, and is a core responsibility.

We have bi-monthly meetings and conversations around various topics to enhance our internal company culture. We are currently striving to make progress in topic such as…


  • Intersectionality, systemic and inter-generational disenfranchisement
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Leadership, Advancement, esp C-Suite
  • Diverse and Inclusive recruiting for Native American and Indigenous peoples
  • How Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB) impacts retention, employee satisfaction, and workplace pride
  • Neurodiverse recruiting and inclusive workplaces and ADA (American with Disabilities Act) & EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) training
  • Inclusive Business Development; Visa Status and Work Authorization
  • Unconscious Bias Training, w focuses on Affinity Bias and Confirmation Bias
  • Developing, Promoting, & Retaining Talented Women; Wage Gap and Pay Equity


At recruiterboom | RB digital, our internal company culture is essential to our company operations and providing our customers with the best talent solutions. We follow the WeCulture approach based on the book WeCulture by Chris Ciulla. It takes a WE vs ME approach to build success for everyone! This includes…

Pedal the Bike
honest & ethical
Be Positive

Pedaling the Bike

Having a motivated, dependable, team-player attitude that will benefit overall company success and strategy, is integral to our internal culture.

Honest & Ethical

Not creating or enabling or using as excuse distracting drama or negative energy which causes interruptions in the team’s speed, efficiency, and high performance.

Be Positive

Being a massive positive force of energy and support to our internal team. Not being afraid of failing, putting yourself out there and setting an example of PROGRESS not perfection!


Boomers Give Back


At recruiterboom| RB Digital we are proud to give back to the community.