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The founders of recruiterboom

Our Story

William and Amanda O’Connell launched recruiterboom officially in 2017 with a dream of building an organization that prioritizes a healthy, flourishing culture while leaving a legacy. The key event that sparked the creation of recruiterboom was unexpected, terrifying, and inspiring. Amanda has undergone a life-threatening brain tumor surgery just a year prior. After her recovery, with new perspective and a grateful mindset, they were proactive in making their dream come to life. With a growing family and a desire to create a lifestyle with more freedom and flexibility, the O’Connell’s opened their doors in Nashua, NH, hiring their very first team members that are still with recruiterboom today. Since that launch, they have experienced exponential growth, but also an intense feeling of fulfillment and gratitude.


With Will’s over a decade of success in building recruiting teams for industry-leading agencies and top sales performance, he gained the experience and tenacity to be able to hire, train and implement a successful recruiting system for recruiterboom that continues to evolve today with the company’s expansion. Amanda’s drive and passion allowed her to dive into the recruiting world with energy, excitement, and a newfound love for providing fulfilling opportunities, developing key relationships, and empowering her teams.


Will and Amanda’s passion for marketing, creativity and innovation inspired them to create a cutting-edge brand that attracts talent both internally and for their top-tier clients. Most importantly, they have truly found the most vibrant, trustworthy, and hard-working team that has been able to help them fulfill lofty goals of opening recruiterboom branches in Greater Boston and the Midwest—and continuing to grow and expand today.

William O'Connell - Bio

William O'ConnellWilliam O’Connell – Cofounder and CEO

William O’Connell is the Founder of Recruiterboom. With 15 Years of experience in Sales, Recruiting and Marketing, he has built successful Recruiting teams at two of the largest global staffing firms across various industries, from technology to creative and talent acquisition markets. In addition to his leadership William has been recognized as a top performing player-coach for Circle of Excellence Awards for Top Performance as well as WeCulture Colleague of the Year.


William showed an early competitive spirit and passion for leadership from captaining his college basketball team, going on to serve as a collegiate and professional basketball coach at his alma mateur at Emerson College and the Boston Celtics minor league team, The Maine Red Claws. William also started his first business in 2005 and first consulting business in 2009 amid the recession creatied a College and University Co-Op bridging Alumni Relations and Career Services to creating a patheway for internships and entry-level jobs for students and graduates.


With a creative, entrepreneurial spirit, he has experienced incredible fulfillment in launching and growing recruiterboom from the ground-up with the help of his enthusiastic and dedicated team over the past 3+ years. William holds a bachelor’s degree from Emerson College, lives in Boston, MA and enjoys, bicycling, playing basketball and traveling with his wife Amanda and 2 children, Will and Charlotte.


Amanda O'Connell - Bio

President & CEO of RB digital

Amanda O’Connell is the Co-Founder and Chief Recruiting Officer at recruiterboom. Prior to launching recruiterboom with business partner, Will O’Connell, she has over 15 years of marketing and social media experience working in various industries from non-profit to larger corporations, providing her with vast exposure to different industries, teams, and leadership styles. Her experience includes creating & executing social media programs from the ground up, event management and execution, vendor management and creative strategy.


Amanda fell in love with entrepreneurship when she launched her network marketing passion project in the health & fitness industry in 2015 and has continued to grow her organization since. Recruiterboom has allowed Amanda to fully embrace life as an entrepreneur and business owner, allowing her to uncover new facets of talent- from networking and interviewing to sales and relationship management. She especially loves fostering positive culture and growth within recruiterboom’s fast-growing organization. As Chief Recruiting Officer, she truly enjoys being able to lead talented candidates through the full cycle recruiting process while being a key stakeholder in client relations.



We believe in leaving a legacy. As a family-founded and operated company, our commitment to our process and the people we serve is integral to our lasting partnerships, success, and future growth.

Our Commitment to Inclusion

At recruiterboom | rb Digital we are constantly sourcing, collaborating, and working across various industries and diverse people. With our growing industry experience and collaboration we are striving to ensure an inclusive company culture to enhance the way we source and recruit top-tier talent. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is pivotal to any company’s overall wellness, success, and strategy, and is a core responsibility.


Empowering Women

We are committed to inclusion and empowering women in the workplace. We believe that diversity is not just a buzzword but an essential element for fostering innovation and success. That’s why we created Talent Pop, our creative brand that focuses on empowering women. Through the captivating power of storytelling, we aim to inspire women to embrace their unique talents, unlock their full potential, and cultivate the confidence to pursue their biggest dreams.

Our Values

At recruiterboom | RB digital, our internal company culture is essential to our company operations and providing our customers with the best talent solutions.


Pedaling the Bike

Having a motivated, dependable, team-player attitude that will benefit overall company success and strategy, is integral to our internal culture.


Honest & Ethical

Not creating or enabling or using as excuse distracting drama or negative energy which causes interruptions in the team’s speed, efficiency, and high performance.


Be Positive

Being a massive positive force of energy and support to our internal team. Not being afraid of failing, putting yourself out there and setting an example of PROGRESS not perfection!