6 Steps to Streamlining Your Recruiting Process

6 Steps to Streamlining Your Recruiting Process

Recruiting candidates can be an overwhelming task. Follow these steps for a hassle free process that delivers results!


1. Create a Carefully Crafted and Detailed Job Description

Save yourself time and effort vetting candidates by attract the right candidates with a clear and targeted description.


2. Post Jobs Strategically Online 

Indeed, LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Monster and Social Media typically yield the best results vs. relying on putting an ad in the newspaper.


3. Make Interviewing a Minimal Step Process

The best candidates are either currently working or in high demand elsewhere. Make it a maximum two step process (phone then onsite final).


4. Communicate Application Status to Candidates

Candidates appreciate knowing where they stand with an opportunity. The more communication the better reputation you are building for your firm.


5. Hire an Agency or Outsource

If you do not have an experienced, specialized and dedicated recruiter hiring an agency will save you massive time, effort and heartache.


6. Ongoing Flexible Hiring

The best talent out there is not typically available only when you have a specific need or the timing is perfect. Empower your business now. Why wait?