The Core Qualities of My Team at recruiterboom

The Core Qualities of My Team at recruiterboom

Today, my team and I at recruiterboom met up for our weekly WeCulture book club. I led the discussion on “Chapter 6: The Right Talent” in which we considered the importance of shared core qualities in a work environment. My team compiled lists of the most important qualities they feel that they possess. From there, we found shared qualities that we were all in agreement with. These core qualities that we decided on do not only represent our values as a team, but are also the key factors that we believe will drive our team to success. My team’s core qualities are: 1. Approachable and Personable, 2. Cool and Confident, and 3. Always motivated.

Approachable & Personable

Being approachable and personable are essential elements in being able to connect with others and form relationships. This can make or break a first impression, as well as trust. We are typically much more likely to trust someone who comes across as pleasant and easy to talk to right away. Being personable means possessing strong communication skills in terms of relating to others, listening, showing empathy, or conveying interest and positivity. All of these are qualities that facilitate and welcome conversation.

Cool and Confident

Every day, particularly in the recruiting world, we deal with major ups and downs. It can be frustrating and challenging to keep calm and believe in yourself. This is where cool and confident comes into play. In times of failure, keep your cool. Allow the failure to drive your confidence in what is coming your way for the future. Having confidence in the way you speak, your presentation, and overall knowledge is crucial when having conversations with candidates. Carrying confidence is essential to not only believe in yourself, but for others to believe in you and your ability to help them out as well. Despite the varying experience levels of our employees at recruiterboom, each member displays the same high confidence mentality.

Always Motivated

Motivation drives a team. Being always motivated concerns self-motivation primarily because motivation must be willingly created on one’s own. It’s important to keep in mind that you can’t rely on others to motivate you. At recruiterboom, our Team Lead sets weekly goals for us to keep everyone motivated throughout the week. We believe in public recognition for success which motivates our team to stay competitive and do well. In addition to this, our team is driven to helping out our candidates and clients. Making placements that satisfy the needs of  others is what motivates us to keep going when faced with failure.

Our core qualities are what separate us from competition. These qualities represent our values as a team and will be held as qualities we will look for when bringing on new hires.

We are looking for like-minded professionals to intern with our team; come to our networking event on December 21st! Contact me or another member of my team for more information