Recruiterboom launched a cutting-edge introduction experience called boomintro. A boomintro is a revolutionary new offering that enhances the hiring experience while bringing a candidate’s resume to life. The introduction is essentially a 15-20 second candidate commercial briefly sharing their professional background, desired role and presentability. Our candidates and clients love this. There has been a significant increase in candidate placements with our clients after they have submitted a strong boomintro.


Are you looking for a recruiter with a special talent or quality who can make a significant impact to your organization? We know how overwhelming the search process can be. Our team is committed to partnering with you to accomplish your hiring objectives.
You benefit when we partner on your search. We thoroughly gather your desired qualifications, screen all candidates carefully, facilitate the job interview process and automatically provide post-placement follow-up to ensure satisfaction.

Boomintros are here!

Click the boomintro button, then enter your password to get started.


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July 19, 2020