Inside the mind of a Recruiterboomer

Inside the mind of a Recruiterboomer

Maybe you’re a former athlete, looking to simulate the rush of game-day. Or maybe you’ve always been that go-getter, eager to learn something new. Or maybe, you just can’t sit still without talking for 5 minutes. No matter the case, you would definitely fit in at Recruiterboom, or any other recruiting company for that matter.

My day begins with no less than 20 new LinkedIn notifications alerting me before my alarm even has a chance to go off. This is something that startles me, not just because it wakes me up, but because of the fact that there are people awake at 5am accepting LinkedIn invites. Is this what I have to look forward to in life? Just kidding. As I make my commute down Route 3 every morning to our bright and buzzing office in Nashua, NH, I always find my brain racing ahead of my body and prioritizing the day ahead. How many new talented candidates will I find on LinkedIn? Will I get to discuss the amazing and extremely motivating book “We Culture” by Chris Ciulla with my team? How many brilliant people can I meet in my time at the office? My list could go on and on, there is no shortage of things to do every day when you are a recruiter. This is what appeals to me the most about a career in staffing and recruiting.

Daily activities here at Recruiterboom consist of scouring out the best talent online, creating job descriptions for spectacular jobs, and most excitingly; meeting new people. Whether this be an introductory call to better understand how I can help someone land their dream job, or a pump-up call before a final interview, it never fails to energize me. Learning what makes someone GO, and knowing you have just the role for them is an irreplaceable feeling, and that is what we feed off of here at Recruiterboom. Our team is primed and ready to assist our clients in finding the very best talent the Greater Boston area has to offer, and helping our promising candidates connect with these fast-growing, top-tier companies.

In a nutshell, my day is an ever-changing vortex of phone calls, coffee, interviews, LinkedIn messaging, and collaborating with my INCREDIBLE team. This fast-paced, goal oriented environment is something I wish I could share with everyone. Day after day, I am less and less surprised with how many people I come across looking to enter this whirlwind world of recruiting, because it’s the best! Coming in to work at Recruiterboom everyday promises nothing, and I mean that in the best way possible. I cannot fathom the amount of daily schedules our lead recruiter Madison has made for our team, just for them to get rearranged when Mitch comes across a fantastic candidate and has to bring them in to the office that same day for a cup of coffee. This is the beauty of working here, and in this field. You can never catch yourself getting bored because you never know what’s about to happen next!

If I scared you with my excitement, I apologize. If I have ignited a fire in the pit of your stomach, or caused you to stop what you are doing and begin to dial our office number…603.718.8000…then this is the industry for you. If you are a recruiter with a couple of years under your belt, looking for a change, give me a call. If you are straight out of college with that fresh business degree in the back of your mind, give me a call. If you’re a salesperson who wants to take their talents to another level and try something new, you know what to do. My team is ready to assist you in your search for that new empowering role, or to help employers get in contact with those superstar candidates, many of whom are ready to interview in the next few days. Your new job, or new employee search is ready to be jumpstarted! Call or message us today, lets talk.