Back & Better When Returning to the Office

Back & Better When Returning to the Office

Most of us have been working from home since March, making our commutes shorter, work attire being pajamas, and not having to deal with our boss face-to-face. Offices are starting to re-open in light of stay-at-home orders being revoked, and it seems like life is slowly on its track to be back to normal, or a “new normal”. No more rolling out of bed for a meeting or having your pet as your only co-worker. Whether you have become a work-from-home lover, or it has driven you absolutely crazy, it can be a little overwhelming adjusting back to office life.

Here a few tips to back and better when returning to the office!

1.    Stay Clean

  • The obvious. Cleanliness should be everyone’s top priority right now. Make sure you are following your office protocols to ensure that everyone can stay safe. If there’s something you wish your company would accommodate more, let them know! These times are constantly changing so there is always room for improvement.

Wash your hands frequently, wear masks when needed, social distance, and stay home if you are feeling under the weather!

2.    Prioritize Yourself

  • We’ve been spending so much time at home, and it may feel like we’ve had too much time to ourselves, but times still aren’t normal. Going back to office life is a big adjustment, especially for mental health. Set new standards for yourself so that you can stay on task and make up for the lost time you might’ve had when working from home (We all know we get a little too distracted working from home…)

Ask yourself, “what goals do I want to accomplish now that I’m back in the office?”

  • It could be as simple as making 100 new connections on LinkedIn or as ambitious as making the first placement on your team post-COVID. The most important thing to remember is to hold yourself accountable to those goals!

3.    Find Your New Normal Routine

  •  Unfortunately, wearing sweatpants to work is only acceptable at home, and your commute isn’t just rolling out of bed anymore. Re-adjust your daily routine so that you can be your best self when returning to office life. This could be as easy as packing your work bag or planning your outfit the night before or finding a podcast that makes your commute feel shorter (the BoomFactor for instance). Think of this return to the office as a new fresh restart!

4.    Communicate

  • Be social! It’s been months since you’ve seen your work family, and socializing is a must for teamwork skills which will further promote the success of the company. Plus, it’ll be nice having someone other than your cat and your mom to talk to…
  • Get lunch with the co-workers you missed the most, and managers, check in on your how your team is adjusting!

Transitions can be weird, but by having open and honest communication, it can ease a lot of stress and anxiety.

5.    Make Your Office Feel Like Home

  • Whether it’s getting a plant for your desk, adding some new pictures, or hanging up a motivational meme, decorating your office enhances your workspace creativity and motivation. If you miss home, bring home to work! Just… no pajamas… sorry.

6.    Elbows?

  • Elbows. Handshakes are a thing of the past, and while this can be weird in the business world, elbow-shakes are always encouraged!