5 Reasons to Work for a Start-up

5 Reasons to Work for a Start-up

It’s been approximately 9 months since I first started at recruiterboom. Not only has our company grown and advanced throughout this time, but I, myself, have grown significantly as an individual during my time here. I’ll admit to having some skepticism about working for a start-up when I first interviewed at recruiterboom. However, the experience that I’ve had and gained here is like no other. If you’re as skeptic as I was about working for a start-up company, here is a list of reasons why start-ups are the best!

  1. Culture

Working at a start-up, WE create the culture! Think about the type of environment you want to work in and bring that energy into your workplace. In a start- up, your individual personality and attitude can have a greater effect on the overall culture. You’re working closely with the same people every day as a team to succeed. When one member of this team gets a win, everybody wins because that means we’re one step closer to achieving the company vision… which leads me to my next point:

2. Working toward the vision


We all have individual visions and goals that we are actively working toward. In a start-up, you are able to have your own goals, while also sharing a vision for the company. You choose to work for a start-up because you believe in the potential. You can see a path for your success, as well as success for the company. This vision acts as motivation and proves that every individual in a start-up has a significant role in the potential outcomes.

3. Freedom to be creative and innovative


Having a significant role in a company means bringing your ideas to the table. While there is still a strong focus on hitting KPI’s, there’s also opportunity to express your ideas and run with them. Start-ups provide a platform for you to bring your ideas to life and create your own success. If you don’t like something about the company, make an effort to change that. Your voice will be heard.

4. Growth Opportunity


As a recruiter, when candidates speak upon looking for growth, they often search for a well-established corporate company. Believe it or not, start-ups can offer room to grow as well. As the company grows and expands, you’ll find your role within the company growing in value as well. You are able to try on many different hats with a start-up, developing skills in multiple areas, rather than just one. Through this, you will continuously learn new things about yourself, such as areas that you really enjoy, as well as areas that you absolutely dislike.

5. Recognition

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Whether its a gold star on your test in first grade or an award from your company at the end of the year, being recognized for your accomplishments feels good! Working at a start-up, no small feat goes unnoticed. Receiving recognition for your achievements not only feels good, but motivates you to keep working hard through the days when you’re lacking energy or want to give up.

Have I convinced you to work for a start-up yet? If not, swing by our office at recruiterboom to see what the buzz is all about!